A lot of travellers are afraid that the cost of travel in Phuket will be high, yet they still prefer not to sleep in a hostel, as they still need some comfort and privacy. In that case, a hip hotel called ‘Blue Monkey Hub & Hotel’ might be the right choice for you.


When you want to save, you fly with a budget airline to Phuket, then take a 100 THB (3.50 USD) bus ride from Phuket Airport to Phuket’s Old Town.


From the final bus station, you just walk 5 minutes and you will find this hip hotel, with friendly and helpful staff members ready to welcome you day or night.


The ground floor of the hotel is decorated in boutique style with a nice spacious lobby, a café, and surprisingly, a co-working space – so this hotel is not only for hip travellers, but also for digital nomads who want to stay connected with work while on a vacation.


I like that they have complimentary drinks 24/7. Fruit juices and water are available in the fridge. Some fruits like bananas or pineapples are sometimes ready for you to grab. Pineapples are actually a famous tropical fruit from Phuket. There is also a swimming pool just next to the lobby, so you can enjoy sunbathing and hanging out with your friends by the pool.


The room ranges from standard ones to one with a bathtub on the balcony, so that you can enjoy the sunlight while bathing – which is quite special for a boutique hotel at this price. Last but not least, it is just a short walking distance to the old town, so you can enjoy strolling around this old area, hopping in and off several nice cafes and local stores until you are satisfied.

Tips: Get their version of Phuket’s old town map at the reception counter. It is nicely drawn in a cartoon style, and makes it easy for you to find recommended cafes and local food in the area.



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