Surf House is a great place along Barceloneta Beach for a casual healthy brunch. They also offer 45 minutes of free paddle surf after brunch with a minimum consumption of 15€. It’s very popular and the perfect plan for a sunny day. I go there often in my free time with friends; it’s one of my favourite spots to go to in summer.

You must try the Kinder Bueno Milkshake – it might possibly be the best milkshake you will ever have. If you are on a diet, make an exception and give in to temptation at least this once. You can also compensate for the guilt with a veggie burger. But if you are not into veggies, their beef taquitos are also delicious, accompanied by nachos.

This place is usually quite crowded and most of the time you have to wait for a while to get a table, since they don’t take reservations. But if you arrive early at 11am, just when they open for breakfast/brunch, you usually get a table quickly. It's also the best time to ensure you’ll get a paddle surf board, since they run out sometimes.


Surf House is my favourite place to enjoy hot summer days in a laidback environment along Barceloneta Promenade.

Beef tacos, pork tacos, nachos, veggie burger and a Kinder Bueno milkshake.

Indulge in their chicken wraps – they are so incredibly tasty!

I can never resist this yummy Kinder Bueno milkshake. Every time I am at the beach, I always drop by for one – it’s a delicious treat for any occasion!

Todos Santos Tacos is another one of my favourite snacks at Surf House. Three tacos of medium done beef steak accompanied by guacamole, chipotle mayonnaise and fresh onions in corn tortillas.

Enjoy a free 45-minute paddle surf session after brunch.



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