Glamping allows people to easily commune with nature. The stay is undeniably more comfortable but the essence of the camping experience remains the same. If the idea of enjoying the peaceful quietness of nature strikes a chord with you, then consider glamping at Perak’s most popular theme park, The Lost World of Tambun.

Additionally, I feel that the site is ideal for those who are new to camping because the location is safe, well-maintained, and of course, beautiful. The tents are placed in a secluded location by the lake, rewarding guests with a stunning view of the hills above the water.


They are also well-spaced from each other to ensure maximum privacy. Inside, a plush bed dominates the space along with a fan, power sockets, a clothes rail with a mirror, and a shoe rack. The shared washroom and showers are only 100 metres away.

There'll be no space for boredom during your glamping experience. Guests can access the theme park and Night Park for fun activities to enjoy a full day of fun. There is also a game area where you can play board games with your companions.

But if you prefer to fully soak in the camp life, the site has plenty of seats where you can hangout and catchup with friends and family, stargaze under the clear night sky, or simply relax and do as little as possible.

When night falls, the campgrounds exude a cosy ambience, setting the perfect mood for enjoying slow barbecues in the cool outdoors. You can rent a barbecue set for an additional fee.

Alternatively, a small cafeteria on site is where you can grab yourself some tasty bites for snacking. And oh, speaking of food, breakfast is a feast at the Garden Terrace, one of the hotel’s main food and beverage outlets accessible by buggy that is free to use for glamping guests.


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