Credit: The Urban Lifestyle Magazine, Saralee Urupongsa
May 2020


Although MUJI is a leading minimalist style brand that originated from Japan, the MUJI Hotels that reflects the brand's DNA, opened their very first and second branch in China, Shenzhen and Beijing respectively. Thereafter, it expanded into Japan with the world’s third branch and Japan’s first branch under the name of MUJI Hotel Ginza located within the same vicinity where MUJI Flagship store is located in. This is to facilitate the flow of MUJI lifestyle into every aspect of the hotel, ranging from food, clothing, furniture and paraphernalia to MUJI Minimalist Lifestyle items.



MUJI Lifestyle in the midst of Ginza starts from the basement level, with MUJI Diner that serves MUJI very own cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But what many people await here is the freshly prepared tofu from the Tofu Room located, within this Flagship store.



Next, we move up Levels 1 to 5, which houses various departments of MUJI brand, ranging from clothing, kitchenware, cosmetics, stationery, MUJI travel luggage to furniture. And as MUJI Ginza is the world’s biggest Flagship store, each department is large enough to house large variety of items, enough to satisfy enthusiastic shoppers.

What is special here is ATELIER MUJI GINZA located on the 6th level. It is divided into 2 galleries which serve as art exhibition hall and activity workshop relating to design work, as well as activities which reflect MUJI's Lifestyle. 

This level also houses a Salon that serves tea and coffee in a peaceful environment and utilizes furniture of simple modest design. Not only that, this level also contains a library zone. The library is built of light brown toned wood, giving the visitors a warm, homelike feel as if they are reading at home. 


MUJI Hotel Ginza also starts from the 6th level which serves as a check-in lobby and WA Breakfast hall. Just the lobby and breakfast room alone already shows MUJI’s style in the hotel very well, through material and colours from stone, clay and wood. The guestrooms are located on Level 7 to 10, with total of 79 rooms of 9 different classes ranging from A-I. Each and every room clearly expresses the MUJI world inside out, ranging from double-layer bed room of 25 square meter till the largest double bed room of 52 square meter. Needless to say, part of furniture used for furnishing the hotel can be found in the Flagship store underneath as well.



All guestrooms are furnished with brown wood, the same as what MUJI furniture uses mostly, contrasting with grey, white, black and navy blue tone. Another thing I like about this hotel is the small details that it pays attention to, such as bookshelf full of books, and the bathroom fully utilizes MUJI items. If you are a hard-core fan of MUJI brand, you should check in here at least once, because this place summed up the huge world of MUJI for you.




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